Happy Monday!

First things first, I’m excited to announce that I was featured in North and South Carolina’s biggest newspaper, The Charlotte Observer. The interview is available to read online here, but I just couldn’t resist grabbing a physical paper. The layout is beautiful.

Secondly, I wanted to share new photos, taken by a local Charlotte photographer, Pierre Walker.


There will be merchandise featuring these photos available for pre-order on June 30th. On that day I’m also revealing something extra for my hardcore supporters. If you haven’t bought my book, it’s not too late! You can do so here. If you want to donate to Intelexual Media, you can do so here. I am currently developing Intelexual Media classroom materials, which will hopefully change the way black history is approached in middle and high schools. This project takes tremendous research, labor, and time. It’s only possible with the support of you guys! As always, thank you for helping me bring my vision to life.