Hi everyone!

It is January 26th 2017 . This is 5 year old me with my cousin Shaunte. It’s hard for me to look at this little girl and truly grasp how far she’s come.

I can’t believe that today is real. Not only am I 23 years old, but Intelexual Media has officially launched! I have been OhioStateLexi and XtraXtraLex; those of you who have been around since those days are highly appreciated. You’ve seen me evolve from a primitive version of the woman I am today. I’ve always been outspoken (some would actually call it abrasive) but I have always been transparent about who I am. You know my motto. “I’m a juicy peach, but not everybody likes peaches.” I’m glad that some of you do in fact like peaches, as over 200 people have donated to my gofundme in an effort to help me accomplish my dream of a history themed media company. Even more people helped spread the word, and all of you have my sincerest gratitude. My passion is history. My purpose is spreading knowledge. Thanks for visiting and supporting. Intelexual Media seeks to provide accurate and illuminating information in a down to earth way. Instead of long-winded articles full of jargon and confusing language, I’ve decided to create a place where you can get information that doesn’t bore you to tears. Expect lots of lists, visuals, and concise but juicy essays. Here you will get weekly content involving racism, history, black culture, white supremacy, sexuality, and conversations about black progression all with my special blend of realness and ratchetivity. Some permanent features:

  • Looking Back- Everything history
    • Black Magic- Vintage photos curated to show the complex experiences of black Americans
    • Fast History-Posts that will pad your arsenal of American trivia for the next dinner party, workplace argument, or weed smoking session.
    • WCW + MCM – Weekly biographies of some of the black communities most overlooked power players
    • Revisiting The Greats Weekly essays that challenge the notion of the American Hero. Just in time for President’s Month, the first five posts are all about some of the most sanitized figures in American History textbooks.
    • Intelexual TV- Weekly videos that discuss an aspect of racism or black socio-economic disadvantages in American History
      • “Two Minute History-Primarily for twitter users to enjoy without needing to click over to youtube, these videos will be factually packed and relevant to current events
  • Looking Forward – Everything in the here and now
    • Primers- Sporadic crash courses on topics that everyone needs to be clear on… from politics to feminism to religion; that will further much needed discourse on various social issues
    • Guides- Sporadic posts to help black people progress socially, politically, economically, and physically
    • The Trump Tracker- Every Wednesday I recount everything Trump’s administration has done in the past week.

If you see me talking about something on twitter, there is a high chance that I will bring it to this website to discuss with more nuance. Additionally I will provide sporadic posts discussing current events, politics, and pop culture when relevant. You’ll also receive updates about Intelexual Media projects and events, including my first book.

Speaking of my first book, everything is on track for it to be released at the end of March. Keep your eyes peeled for clues about the books topic on my twitter and instagram timelines. The second book that many of you already know about, regarding the history of black sexuality and its effects on racism and intra-racial relationships, is slated for a Summer release.

My sincerest wish is that everytime you click onto this website you learn something new. Intelexual Media is a portal of free knowledge. I encourage everyone to join the discussion and comment… and also be sure to check out links attached to articles so you can do investigating of your own.

This is just the beginning.