I recently asked my followers on twitter if they’d appreciate an Intelexual Media Book Club and the response was super encouraging! I have been considering doing this project for a few months now, and I’ve finally configured perks that I believe would be worth it for patreon subscribers. The great news is, if you’re already a patron you’re automatically entitled to Intelexual Media Book Club content!

Beginning in September, we will alternate between nonfiction and fiction reads from a plethora of authors in a wide range of topics. Every month I will begin with a segment entitled Lexi Wants To Know, where I pose 1-2 questions that will guide the book discussion. You will be welcome to leave your own predictions, answers, clarification questions, or follow-up questions as the month progresses. I (and your fellow patrons) will interact with this discussion. Think of it as a healthy twitter debate over a book *without* trolls.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! This will be a monthly experience.

Let me explain what kind of Intelexual Media Book Club experience your current reward tier gets.

$1+ Tier:

1. You will get access to the Q+A discussion, in which I answer 5-10 patron-submitted questions in written format

2. You get to vote every month for the next Intelexual Media Book Club selection. The monthly vote will take place from the 14th-16th of every month.

3. You get to ask a question for the Q+A discussion

$5+ Tier:

In addition to the above perks, you get:

1. A 3-5 minute video with my thoughts/critiques of the book. These will also include relevant historical or sociological anecdotes.

2. Entered to win a free copy of next month’s selected book, shipped out before the end of the month.

  • You can only win once. Each patron on or above the $5 tier will have their name added to a hat, for the winner to be selected at random.

$10 Tier:

In addition to all above perks, you get:

1. My notes on the book, uploaded as a .pdf for easy download. Notes will average between 2-3 pages, though sometimes more depending on how zealous I was feeling at the time.

2. My Reader Enhancement Guide, which includes five things to read, watch, observe, know, or listen to that will enrich your experience with the selected book. This will be a creative outlet for me, where I can curate playlists and art, suggest documentaries, include mini historical anecdotes/lessons, and provide articles or primary sources for further reading.

Book Club Schedule

Unlike other patreon features, the Intelexual Media Book Club will operate on a schedule that I will be sticking to (to make the experience that much better!).

All Tiers:

  • Lexi Wants To Know: (2nd-16th of the Month)
  • Monthly Book Vote via Poll: (14th-16th of the Month)
  • Patron-Submitted Questions For Q+A: (Due by 16th of The Month)
  • Q+A Written Discussion (4th Friday of the Month)

Tiers 2+3:

  • Free Book Winner Announced: (16th of the Month)
  • 3-5 Minute Video: (4th Friday of the Month)

Tier 3:

  • .PDF File of My Notes (Available On the Last Day of the Month)
  • Lexi’s Reader Enhancement Guide (Available On the Last Day of the Month)

What are you waiting on? Become a patron of Intelexual Media today!