It took roughly $120,000 and four years worth of due dates, tears, annoying group projects, and midnight assignments for me to learn about the true extent of American racism.

There were some wild times, breakdowns, and amazing lessons from that 4 years that I’d never trade for anything. But quite a chunk of what I learned in class is both crucial and esoteric, roped off like the Hennessy filled VIP section of an exclusive club. A gigantic swath of the population frames their political and social arguments without many of the concepts that myself and others became hip to in college. These things are unfortunately left unaddressed in grade school, meaning people must rely on parents and pop culture to learn about them if they don’t indulge in self-education. Some people won’t see what’s wrong with that. They won’t question the fact that American schools don’t teach how the government built ghettos or how black adults are systematically targeted for prison. That’s a problem.

People ask me a lot, “What can we do about black oppression?”

The thing is, if not everybody is aware of the very intricate history of racial oppression, they’ll never be fully aware of the subconscious ways we promote it in our daily lives. We’ll never be able to identify the cracks that we’ve fallen through for generations- and will continue to fall through without intervention. How can we problem solve as a unit if we aren’t all on the same page? This is where The A-Z Guide to Black Oppression comes in. I’m super excited to present this solid foundation of knowledge that EVERYONE needs.

This book will fully connect the dots of oppression for you in a new way and bolster your arguments against the ignorant. It is a collection of 26 essays from A-Z, each letter comprising a facet of black oppression. It is full color, 11×7, along with images and illustrations by black artists. There is a glossary and recommended reading guide to further your intellectual journey. This book will clearly outline real issues and give you irrefutable proof about the problems black people in this country. The question “How are black people oppressed in 2017?” won’t exist anymore.

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