This video was inspired by a genre of tweets that promote the idea that female nudity is losing its value. So I decided to look back in history for perspective. This isn’t a topic I explored fully for an episode of Let’s Talk About Sex History. Instead, it’s a 7-minute minisode that will serve as an excellent companion to the first episode of LexRated, my patreon-exclusive monthly podcast that premieres this week!

LexRated will feature real discussions on the intersections of race, class, and sex work and their parallels to technology and pop culture. In the series premiere, I will be discussing the Netflix movie Cam, my personal experiences as a cam girl in college, revenge porn, and deep fake video technology. I can’t wait, and this minisode will make the podcast a richer experience! LexRated will be available to all $3+ patrons on patreon.  Here’s a 2 minute teaser of this minisode, exclusively available on patreon.


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