I still can’t get over the fact that Intelexual Media has grown from the donations of people who want to see it succeed. I reached my GoFundMe goal long ago, but I want other people and causes to get donations. First, always remember when you have a few spare dollars to donate money to various Flint Water Crisis funds. If you’re looking for some other worthwhile causes or people, here’s a list. Happy donating!

1) Black Owned Grocery Store in Detroit

This GoFundMe has amassed $21K of its 90K goal in 1 month.

Ya’ll know how I feel about black owned businesses, especially grocery stores! This is a worthy endeavor that is definitely worth a spare five or ten bucks.

2) Black Guns Matter

This GoFundMe has amassed $39K of its 150K goal in nine months.

This organization is resolved to teaching urban communities about gun knowledge and safety. The money pays for transportation to all 50 states, meeting refreshments, and ensures that the classes are free for everyone.

3) Help Shakira continue her education at Bryn Mawr College

This GoFundMe has amassed $3.1K of its 20K goal in six months.

She’s a sophomore from Brooklyn who wants to continue her education. It’s that simple.

4) Save Ron Finley’s Gangsta Garden

This GoFundMe has amassed $513K of its 550K goal in three months.

This LA located garden provides an outlet and source of nutrition for inner city youth and their families. You can read about how Ron has faced challenges to keep the Gangster Garden open on his gofundme page, but the bottom line is he needs 550,000 dollars to keep doing his good work. It’s so close to reaching the goal that you might as well make sure of it.

5) D’s Lawn Care 


This GoFundMe has amassed $29K of its 30K goal in nine months.

This LLC was started by a 15 year old from Cleveland. It is a lawn care company that Daron Taylor started to keep him and his younger brother out of trouble over the summer. Just like the gofundme above, Daron is so close to his goal that you might as well ensure that he reaches it. Throw a few bucks!

6) Brownsville to Barcelona 

This GoFundMe has amassed $30K of its 34K goal in three months.

A New York teacher is organizing a trip to Spain for his students, who are largely low-income. I love this idea and wish a similar program had been offered at my high school. The students get to take an eight day tour of spain, and the money donated lessens the overall costs for each student.


$10K has been raised to reach the $12,500 goal. 

Why is the Aurora center so important to students of the University of Minnesota? According to the website, “The Aurora Center provides a safe and confidential space for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and family members or friends affiliated with the University of Minnesota, TC or Augsburg College who are victims/survivors/concerned people of sexual assault, relationship violence, or stalking.” Unfortunately the Aurora Center is facing a budget deficit that could impact the availability of these services. Money donated will fill the deficit.

8) Birth of Tensai

This GoFundMe has amassed $785 of its 6K goal in 20 days.

My graphic designer Jordan Little is developing a brand that aims to bring out everyone’s inner genius. Tensai means genius in Japanese. The funds will cover the production costs for the summer and fall collections, packaging items, website construction, and trademarking the company.


If you have a GoFundMe that you want people to know about, email me here for consideration. I might add it to this list!